Kindy time

The Kindys are having an awesome time in our room this week with light table and Busy table now in the room. Moon sand made a come back with Frozen characters and plastic diamonds to play with, messy yes but well loved by the kindys judging by the huge smiles on their faces.

I drew around their hands this morning for them too decorate and then we are making a display inspired by Facebook post where the hands are attached to popsticks and put into the ground under a tree. The base of the tree is then wrapped with wool in the Indigenous flag colours of red,black and yellow. We are teaching the kindys about tolerance and that we all belong.

The classroom has become a hive of activity as the kindys play and the Busy table have become a place to create anything you wish. It has also taught the kindys to pick up and clean the area after themselves. They love to be helpful and are always sweeping up mess off the floor and doing little jobs here and there.

They make me laugh and smile everyday that I am with them.

Kitty-Kat xox

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