First week of Kindy

Well I sit here in my local library watching the rain fall and think to myself what a week it has been. Kindy went back on Tuesday and I have hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since. The Kindy classroom had a makeover of sorts and new learning centres were added. We have a post office, car mat and science table. New term new look is all I can say. The Kindys loved it as well, but were wondering why I changed the room ? I said to them so we could play in new areas, so soon after they were playing in the post office and having a whale of a time. It was good to see them all enjoy themselves.

Then there was painting paper plates for our ladybugs and handprints for our 5 places we went too in the holidays. They enjoyed mixing colours in our mixing table which was three colours of watered down edicol dye and scrap paper to paint on. The Kindys were really excited and happy to use this table where they could mix and paint all day if they chose too.

Our NAIDOC display is still in the garden a little faded from the rain but nevertheless still there. The Kindys are proud of it and go over and look how the texta colours have all bleed into one another. Quite a science experiment you could say for them and me as well.

The Kindys loved my new hairdo as well, but were wondering why I changed it in the first place ? They seemed happy when I told them I wanted a change. They are so funny the way they notice and react to people, places and emotions, the Kindys are so accommodating and really embrace change better than some adults I know.

It maybe busy, but the holidays were great to recharge and now I can concentrate on making the rest of the year fun as possible for our Kindys of 2018. I realized too how much I miss them when they aren’t there. They brighten my world and teach me as much as I teach them their beginning lessons of school.

Life is never dull with a room of Kindys to brighten your world everyday.

Kitty-Kat xox

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