Anthony Bourdain

It seems like yesterday when I heard about Anthony Bourdain’s death and I am still reeling over it all. It brings up Suicide and the dark places people go sometimes. I admired him as a fellow traveller, for his sense of humour and just the that he was real always. Recently I have been catching up on SBS with his shows on the Food channel and even though it pains me to see him I think he is at peace now. Nobody knows really what is inside another’s soul, speaking as someone who has been chased by my own demons, depression is not great and it leads you too a real dark place and I have been there myself. You can not judge someone on that, the pain is real and sometimes there is no way to stop it from hurting. It isn’t something easy to shrug off and yes I have come through bad times, still I hurt and it makes me sad he is judged. He took the easy way out, no he was hurting and wanted it all too stop. Depression is real and sometimes there is no way to stop it from hurting.

I like to remember Anthony Bourdain as the smiling and laughing guy who took me to Romania and told me about vampires and other folklore. It was one of the first shows I saw and had me hooked. I love food and travel, Bourdain’s shows had both. I love the way he spoke his mind, because I myself am that way as well. To live life to the fullest and never have any in reserve is a life well lived indeed. It is all we hope for if only we have the courage. Yes this has brought things for me to the surface, but I know I am not alone. Happiness is fleeting.

Rest in peace Anthony Bourdain

Kitty-Kat xox

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