A little childhood memories

Fremantle has always held a special place in my heart, it where as a baby and child I spent a lot time in and about. I think one of the places I spent the most time at is the Fremantle wharf, with my Dad and my Poppy. They were both part of the World Ships Society, it was before 9/11 and a time where you could freely photograph ships coming in and out of the wharf.

It was Poppy’s life long hobby and I spent many a holiday drawing and colouring in the ship’s funnels he photographed and collected over the years. My Dad also ended up taking up the hobby as well much to my Poppy’s great delight. And so I ended up on the Freo wharf climbing rocks and watching to see if a ship had come in. It was heaps of fun and meant I got to be outside a lot of the time.

I still remember the smell of the ocean and yes even the smell of the sheep ships as well. I loved seeing the car ships with the people driving the cars off the ship onto the wharf into many rows. All different sorts of cars and colours.

To me as a kid it was quite normal to spend time on the wharf and it also meant I got too spend time with my Dad and Poppy. They took a lot of photos and Poppy was always particular with his camera and sizing up a photo. He also liked nothing better than talking too all the different people on the ships and the wharf itself, he knew a lot of people that is for sure.

I liked seeing the big cranes move up and down, as well as moving across and back picking up containers from the ships onto the wharf it was a great place for a kid to be. So much so that when I went to UK I visited heaps of docks and ships that I knew my Poppy would be so proud of me.

Thinking of these lovely memories makes me feel a little sad that he is no longer with us, but I also feel very blessed to have a Grandfather like my Poppy.

Kitty-Kat xox

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