Monday madness in Kindy

Mondays are not my favourite days for work and for school, everybody is usually still in weekend mode and rather be somewhere else today was no different. 8:30am when we open the doors for class in comes a whirlwind of kindys chatting ten too one and huge grins on their faces. Believe me they never fail putting a smile on my face and a cheery good morning no one could resist. I find my Monday blues disappear, all because of 18 Kindy kids who make my day with all their little stories and laughter it makes it a pleasure to teach them. As well as the fact this is their first experience at school and are so happy to please that you feel a smile happening before you know it.

They are learning how to write their names and numbers 0-10 every morning on their special individual name cards and they love using the whiteboard marker bringing it ocer to show the Teacher and I then rubbing it off. They are like to help do jobs like take lunch box to the canteen and pack any absent kindys name cards. Of course they like nothing more than to have a good chat to you and their friends.

Today we were starting to put together their Father’s day cards and it meant I had to draw around their hand on Benex paper, many were disappointed I wasn’t painting their hand like we have been doing for awhile. Although were happy to see it when I cut out their hands.

Our messy table took a beating today and many gluesticks ended up not making it out alive. It was great to see them busy creating stuff though. My desk was covered by drawings and box construction that I could hardly sit at it, from all the kindys. I love the way they longingly create you a drawing to gift to you.

The classroom always looks like a tornado has hit it and really badly I might say blocks and toys all over the place. When you ring a bell and we all play freeze statues, suddenly the mess is completely gone in record time. Then the poor bathroom usually looks like a flood might of hit our classroom with the water all over the floor, paper towels litter the rest of the floor having missed the bin completely. Then there is a few kindys who need to watch themselves in the mirror totally transfixed by their own reflection.

Mad dash to lunchboxes, drink bottles and hats before we even start actually eating. It is quite like running a marathon, but with no prize money at the end of it.

But hey it’s kindy and it’s Monday and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Kitty-Kat xox

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