Bujo waste land

Bullet journaling has been one of my favourite hobbies and yet lately, I have struggled to get into my Bujo and I think I might of stumbled across the answer. Too much stuff on social media, whether it is Instragram or Facebook, even YouTube there is no escape. You try not too, but in the end you compare your Bujo to other’s. Then you spiral down into dark places where you stop using your Bujo completely, this helps no one, especially yourself. Bullet journaling should not be a chore to resent, it should however be a joy and a way to keep you organized both in your personal and work life. As an Educational Assistant(Teacher’s aide) in a Perth school I juggle being in a Kindergarten class 2 1/2 days and the other 2 1/2 days in a Pre primary / year 1 class. It can get quite full on hence me taking up Bullet journaling in the first place. With my Bujo I can keep running records of both classes and prep that I need to do. I also need to keep up to date with any professional learning and meetings, all that go nicely in my Bujo in separate spreads, all at a glance and at my fingertips.

All was working well until a few months ago when I started to obsess on social media other people’s Bujos. They were better than mine and prettier than mine. Now sitting down to write this blog post off the cuff, I realize that the only one to lose in this situation has been me. With no Bujo at all I find myself writing on twenty separate sticky notes all my tasks on hand and finding myself getting seriously muddled up completely. I need my Bujo back and I need it now !!! So here is the part in the blog post where I take the bull by the horns and start my Bujo again and to hell with social media and it’s pressure to be pretty and pleasing to the eye. Out of the waste land I drag myself and my Bujo, back to organization and goodbye to those sticky notes all over the place. My Bujo need not be a work of art, it needs to be a place where I can put everything into and still find it again. Goodbye meaningless pages of picture perfect photos and hello to list after list as far as the eye can see and the Bujo can fit them in. It is what I want of my Bujo all along and even though I have strayed off that path I see I am back on the straight and narrow once more.

Note to the weary NEVER lose sight of your dream EVER.

Stay tuned to see boring lists in my Bujo updates very soon.

Kitty-Kat xox

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