Anne Frank

I have read and re-read Anne Frank’s diary many a time over the years, but I think the first time I read it at 13 years old and in high school. I can not lie the moment I picked up her diary Anne Frank spoke to me. She seemed to know what was going on in my head even though she was long since dead. I was devastated when I found out Anne Frank ‘s fate and must admitted I cried for days my heart was truly broken. Her life and words had that effect on me as well as many other people in the world today. I was surprised to learn that her diary has not been out of print since it was first published in 1947. That is a great achievement for a young girl who just wanted to be a journalist and writer, Anne inspired me to write not only in a diary but stories as well. I knew I could do it and now look at me a blog all of my own.

Anne Frank has been an inspiration to many teenage girls and their dairies. Lately I have read her stories of the secret annexe and falken in love with her all over again. There is just something about Anne that makes her appealing to people world wide. I feel it is her story had a tragic ending that endures her to many fans. She is funny and all so grown up in a locked away Attic a way from all she knew so that Anne may have a better life when the Nazi left. Who turned them in I am not too sure of only that Anne Frank lives on from one generation to the next. Below I have included the two books I am currently reading about Anne Frank and her life.

If you haven’t read her diary do so because you will find yourself changed greatly by it. You can’t help fall in love with her.

Kitty-Kat xox

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