My MTN pages

Here I have shared a few new layouts from my Midori Travellers notebook, sadly it has been neglected for a couple of months, but no more. I have also finished my first ever insert as well, which makes me so very proud indeed. It is a mixed bag of photos, journaling and lots of washi tape. On and off I have written in it, but now have made it my mission to keep journaling in it’s pages for months to come.

I have even ordered new inserts for next year to use it as a journal / planner / reading log. Journaling helps me relax and express myself in a way I can do in a safe environment my Midori Travellers notebook. I can keep favourite washi tapes/stickers/photos/journal cards all in one place to look back on and put a smile on my face.

What I like about the MTN ‘s are you can change the inserts and whatever else you want to keep in it’s covers. Some people have them full and chunky, I like the way my MTN leather cover ages with every mark and scratch it grows it’s own personality. My dreamcatcher charm on it also means the world to me. It is a symbol to me of bad, dark dreams can be caught in it and never touch me. It gives me hope that I will achieve all my dreams no matter what.

The layouts cover : -summer is a coming

-letter writing/journaling

– stationary supplies

– My favourite band

– Doctor who

I had a lot of fun writing and putting them together and now sharing with the blogging community. Hope to share with you more layouts in the future.

Kitty-Kat xox

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