Destash time

There comes a time in all crafter/artist time, when you simply need a real good clean out of the old to welcome the new. So this Sunday that is what I have been up too, in between battling a case of sinusitis and depression mood.

Maybe that is why I picked the time ? Or could be I’m sick of all that stuff hanging around and making me blue. I know downsizing has become the new in word, but hey what the hell it will do. It could be that it is nearly September and we are coming out of Winter ? A bit of spring cleaning you could say ?

Anyway I’m that that mindset and stubborn as I am I won’t rest until it is all cleaned through. This may mean I make hard decisions and let go of stuff that let’s be serious I am unlikely to really use anyway. I have already 2 1/2 bags to go to the local op shop down the road and more to come.

I have started in one space and go through it at a box at a time. This all over the place does my head in and doesn’t satisfy me on any level. Besides how can you make yourself see where you have been. Already I am making progress and even though I have a way to go I can see the piles and boxes getting smaller.

I admit I am a bit of a hoarder, but now I simply need to slash and burn approach to my spring cleaning. You can’t be defined by stuff, and let’s face it if it is in a box chances are I don’t really need it anyway if I am totally honest with myself.

I am also a bit of a visual person so I can see however small at the moment that I am making progress. My Mum has always taught my brother and I that we need to give to those less fortunate and so I keep this tradition alive by putting aside stuff I don’t need for them. As children we had to go through our toys and give to the poor children as my Mum used to say, before we were allowed new toys. So even now I do this and ended up with around ten bags of stuff to be rehomed. I also feel truly reborn in the fact that I am finally downsizing my stash into stuff I will use not keeping stuff for a rainy day so to speak.

I also know I have a way to go to truly downsize completely, but I must say I am well on the road to it.

Kitty-Kat xox

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