Journal session

Tuesday afternoon I came home from school where I work as a Kindy aide/Educational assistant, depending where you cone from who reads this. I had not been able to have a really good journaling session with my paper journals as I like to call them, because I also have journaling apps on my phone and tablet I like to use when inspiration strikes me.

Anyway out came the journaling supplies and then paper journals were opened and out came my MTN as well, I gathered pictures I had collected from magazines and started to put together layouts. Washi tape was stuck down then moved and before I knew several pages had been filled up and words were pouring out of me and onto the pages.

It was one of my best sessions in my paper journals and ended up still at it several hours later midst piles of pictures, washi tape and pens all over my bed. I felt amazing and that I had more than achieved a lot in those hours than I had in days. It also showed me that journaling can be at any time and place.

It also told me in a way that sometimes it is ok to turn off your social media devices and put pen to paper and lose yourself in your own little world for awhile.

Kitty-Kat xox

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