Greetings from Kindyland

As the days get longer and we get to spent more time outdoors, the Kindys have been discovering the big wide world called our playground. They are quite taken with sitting under our verandah and watching clouds race across the skies, as well as saying hello and goodbye too the buses that come by. Planes and helicopters also grace our skies which the kindys enjoyed seeing in the sky.

After a balmy Monday morning a real spring day the kindys were absolutely shattered after playing out in the sunshine. Our Teacher was away and basicly us aides took over the class along with our relief teacher who was awesome. There was painting,dolls and blocks everywhere as well as interactive whiteboard playing Caterpillar shoes it looked like a bomb had gone off, but every single kindy had a beaming smile on their face when they left that day. Myself and fellow Teaching staff were shattered and had to pick ourselves off the floor.

Kindy can get kinda of full on at times and unfortunately it isn’t a place for everyone, I however love it and really miss them when I am elsewhere in the school. I find they are the most honest in the world and have no filter whatsoever when it comes to saying things. It is as well the most rewarding place to work, seeing these Kindys develop their own personalities and their thirst for knowledge and information never ceases to amaze and astound me. They are very sweet with their loyalty and unconditional love, you really do have a very special bond with your first Teacher ever.

I always have little stories about the Kindys I have taught and feel it truly is my calling in life. I feel it is my place on this earth to care for and teach the children of the world. I cannot have children myself so this is my way to help teach and care for children of my community.

Kitty-Kat xox

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