Light out

We have been having some awful stormy weather in Perth, Western Australia today, so it is not surpising that we had a blackout as we were eating dinner. This lead to a family dinner by torchlight and then ended up with myself and my Dad reading our books by torchlight and Mum sewing with hers. I was engrossed with my Biography about the Du Mauriers sisters when suddenly the lights came on again. I felt so disappointed in a way after enjoying the torchlight and the companionship of us all around the kitchen table.

It was so quiet and only the sound of the wind and rain. It reminded me of all those blackouts we had as kids and how it brought the family closer as an unit. Any excuse for me to read a book, I remember reading a book by torchlight when Mum said lights out, I was so obsessed with books I could not be asked to sleep when there is an unfinished book to read. I would always chose reading over sleep even today as an adult.

It is so funny things can bring back a flood of memories. It also shows how close as a family we really are, to come together when there is no power and read with one another. Although sadly now we are all busy, I am on social media writing blog posts and my brother is watching television and Mum is cleaning out magazines and Dad is still reading away. The moment is truly gone but the memory will live on, as my Mum says people before things and we certainly do that when technology fails us.

Kitty-Kat xox

P.S: I am on a roll with these blog posts and need to write while I am inspired to do so.

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