Cloud spotting

Wow I love to watch the clouds and when I was housesitting last week for a good friend I took some pretty amazing photos of clouds. Okay they may not be professional, but I am rather proud of them all the same.

Last term in Kindy we were doing weather and so we took the Kindys outside, to do a little cloud-spotting. At first they were a little cautious with it and then as us adults started getting into so did they. We spent quite awhile looking up at the blue sky with white clouds and I think it was time well spent. After that the Kindys would look up and scan the skies for clouds any chance they get.

I felt like my Kindys as I stared up at the late afternoon sky at the clouds. I decided to go outside away from the telly and my journaling, you could say it was a sensory break of sorts. Well I stayed out there so long I simply lost track of time completely. I even saw a sunset which to tell you the truth I haven’t seen for quite a long time, if I am totally honest with myself. Which I feel really sad about and will continue with my going out and being outside more.

The clouds were amazing to watch slowly moving across the blue of the sky. Even the sky’s colour changed while I was outside too. It went from a very vivid light blue too a lighter blue hue before my eyes. It was wonderful and the joy I felt was truly mood lifting. I was in the moment as well as enjoying something as simply as the sky doing it’s thing.

I have these photos of the clouds and the sky, but nothing can compare to the memories I have created from this tiny moment. Just getting off the couch and going outside totally changed my mood and outlook on my life.

Daydreaming always reminds me as a child laying on the grass and looking up at the sky. Whether it be day or night I loved to simply stare up at the sky for hours on end. I miss that little girl I was and I think that I may have just found her again.

Kitty-Kat xox

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