Perth Sunsets

Perth sunsets are by far my favourite kinds. There is something about Spring that makes me want to stay out later and watch the sun go down ? The Artist in me loves the colours and hues that only appear at this time of day. The Writer in me wants only to describe in many words how I feel and what I see in a Perth Sunset. The Inner child in me just likes being in the moment and enjoying the colours and stillness that comes at this time of day. I would also have to admit the Springs days being longer would mean more time to play outside.

I have experienced in my life Sunsets all around the world from South downs in West Sussex England, in Spain over the water, Las Vegas in USA over a desert and in Melbourne Australia, but to name a few. They all were fantastic in there own way, but I guess you never forget your first ones where you grew up in the world.

I have a bucket list a mile or two long with places I want to see the sunset. They include Norway, Sweden, Paris on the Eiffel tower, Tuscan hillside and of course Venice to but name a few on my list. Magical on there own, and even better all together.

I don’t know why sunsets mean so much to us ? Is it mourning the dying day that once gone is never the same one again ? Is it childhood nostalgia at play ? All is it’s when nature really puts on a show for us mere mortals below ?

Many reasons to ponder why ? Many things I ponder as I watch the sun go down. A light show where there is no compare, quietness and stillness that I need to recharge myself for a new day.

Kitty-Kat xox

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