New Kindy term begins

New Kindy term start yesterday and all the Kindys were glad to be back, we had all 17 children there. So new term, new learning centres for the Kindys, we have Doctor’s surgery and Dinosaur small world. These pictures are before the Kindys got to play with it. They absolutely love both and enjoy when myself and the other Teachers play act with.

Today the Kindys went on a number hunt where they ticked off numbers 1-10 hidden around the room. The Kindys loved it and found all the numbers. It was great to get back into Kindy and spend time with them all. They always manage to make me smile not matter my mood. I really think working with children has kept me young. Every year a new class comes along and you find your heart getting bigger and bigger with each new Kindy. I did not think it was quite possible to love so many people at once.

I recently cut my hair short and much lighter colour, the Kindys saw it yesterday and loved it except one who liked me the way I was before. I like it that kids tell it like it is, also made me feel good because she accepted the way I was I need not change my hairstyle.

So now Kindy is over till next week and I can’t wait to see what the Kindys do next Monday ? It is always uniquely to them alone.

Kitty-Kat xox

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