Update Selfie challenge

I have still be doing my selfie challenge on my journey journal app and not so self-conscious of my photo being taken any more. It has been awesome to take them and just upload them to my app and that is that. I still feel a little funny about my face, but then I tell my inner critic to be quiet and that I am who I am.

It hasn’t been easy, I have been struggling a lot at the moment with my mental state, that hasn’t made anything easy at all. Although I have pushed on with the challenge for myself and to let myself be kinder to me. After all we are our own worst enemy at times.

I think too my body has been through a hell of a lot these past years with surgeries and cancer treatment. It is no wonder I am having issues here and there. Thankfully I have my journaling and my blog to help me deal with life’s little bumps here and there.

So I will continue my selfie challenge and see where it may take me.

Kitty-Kat xox

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