Spring clean making progress

As I sit here writing my blog post, the weather has become rather warmer here in Perth. But alas it won’t last with rain and cold weather to return, I guess that is spring for you. A rather mixed bag of odds and ends. Since it is however spring I have been doing a lot of decluttering and destashing of my ever increasing craft stash and the rest.

You could say I am rather a collector of many things and keeper of even more. But I also have times where I can’t fit in my bedroom or get in my warerobe so something has to go. I am an angry kind of cleaner, I simply start chucking stuff here and there until it is pretty much empty or I am happy with my decluttering.

I find too mentally I need to clean out because my mood worsens as the clutter piles up and then spiral down from there. It can trigger my depression quite literally. Physically I need space to move around in more and more due to health issues so that too I factored in.

It is also very cleansing in away getting rid of physical baggage that is bringing you down. So I am feeling lighter and happier than.I have in months. I think it is also due too such a cold and long winter we have had this season. Anyway my stuff has been rehomed and given to charity so I am very happy about that. I always believe in giving to those less fortunate than me, it is also I have way too much stuff that I will never realistic ever use.

I have cleaned front room and half of my bedroom and most of under my bed, it has used countless recycle bags and trips to op shop down the road from me. I have done it in stages because otherwise there would be too much stuff to go. I am ruthless in my decluttering and quite shocked just how much stuff I actually have collected in such a short time.

I have given myself a deadline till the beginning of Summer, so I am going right on track. But still I stumble here and there, I need to be kinder to myself and realize I have done so much in such a short time. I am rather hard on myself at times and I need to lay off.

So alas I must get back to my decluttering and know my mental health will thank me for this. Please let me know of your own declutter trials ? And what you did ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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