Thursday muses

It’s Thursday and nearly the end of the working week for me, also the first week back at school and my goodness. Great to be back, but you forget how full on Kindy and PP/Yr1 can be. The kids love my new hairstyle although has shocked quite a few of them, as to why I would willingly cut my hair. I feel like a rock star everytime I walk around the school.

My journal pages I have uploaded more pics to show you all what I have been working on here and there. Lately I have been enjoying journal writing more and more, I love the way it begins up memories that I can relive and write down so they are not lose in time again.

I also go my happy mail from online shop called Washi Gang where I get a lot of my supplies from. They are an awesome online shop based in Australia, which is great for me. They are fast and reliable, they also always send me a washi tape as a “Thankyou ” gift which is so sweet indeed.

I have another selfie to bore you with, I was messing about with my flower headband and thought what the hell ? I like how it came out and IG has some really cool filters to put on your photos. Being mental health day is a good as day as any to post a selfie.

Kitty-Kat xox

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