Journaling entries

I love and adore my journals and feel lately I have evolved as a journal writer and also with my collage skills. Everything seems to be falling in together with my spreads and ideas that are coming thick and fast. Here I share a few more pics of inside my journal to let all you budding journal writers that it isn’t hard to do it.

I feel it is a little like jumping out of a plane, you just need to go for it and hope it all turns out right. And most of the time I find it does. I don’t do my pages in order they are done here and there I find it easier that way. It also means no blank parts which are I think rather discerning to a journal writer because you want the freedom to simply sit down and write.

I think this post is a little blah blah blah ! Well it is getting late when I suddenly decide to write up a blog post I had meant too already have up on my site. Well that is just the way life is ? Some of the pages are before I put pen to paper and others are all finished completely. I work on my pages organically you might say, always adding little bits here and there. It always makes my journal a happy place but also honest place too.

As you can see it is a new journal, that is because, my other journal is completely filled up already and I am so proud of myself for doing that all by myself. I will do another flip through that journal at a later date. I had totally had enough and had only a page here and there so simply went for it and journaled the whole rest of my paper journal. It feels so good that I have that record of my life and times I live in.

Well off to bed and leave the editing and proof reading till tomorrow.

Kitty-Kat xox

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