Kindy time

Note to self Full moons and windy days are known times Kindy kids lose the plot. In fact scratch that to any child loses the plot in those cases. Last week we had a full moon and my goodness it was a blood bath to say the least. And I nearly lost my mind looking after the child in my class.

I know there is science behind it all, but I don’t need to be told it I have experienced it first hand. It’s like a major wildfire !

This week the kids have been seeking cubby holes in our playground some over grown bushes have made the perfect cubbies for them to hang out in. And hey they are doing no harm or fowl so I leave them too it.

We taught them “What’s the time Mr Wolf” which they love to play in little groups and pretend to be the wolf so they can chase each other. “Duck,duck, goose ” is also a real favourite they can play amongst themselves with a lot of giggling and playfulness.

The kindy class has also a brand new job’s chart so there is no arguments between everyone. My goodness it was a nightmare with bell ringing for break times. Now we have managed to knock that on the head.

Kindys enjoying warmer days as well to get out and explore the playground and just chill. There is so much pressure to teach Kindys certain things and we tend to forget they are only 4yrs old in some cases only babies really.

It is sad we only have a few weeks left with these kindys before they become Pre-Primarys and I am endeavouring too enjoying it while I can. Memories to always have in my head and theirs as well when they get older they will remember me fondly.

Kitty-Kat xox

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