Aussie Christmas

While the rest of the world celebrates Christmas, here in Australia we do things a little bit differently. For one thing there is no snow, no mulled wine and certainly no mistletoe. Here in Perth, Western Australia it’s Summertime so we have a hot and very chilled Christmas.

This hasn’t stopped me for dreaming of a white Christmas, as a child. That did however happen when I was 25years old a dream come true. However I digress from Aussie Christmases at home and there have been plenty.

Christmas in Australia means outdoors and usually the beach or backyard cricket happening after a lunch of salads and cold meats. No turkey or baked potatoes just simple food.

When I was a kid we had Santa visit the neighborhood on the Volunteer bushfire truck, he gave us lollies and looked pretty hot in his outfit. We grew up with the fact that Santa had six white boomers, which are really big Kangaroos, because the Reindeers found Australia too hot to fly in.

I guess even though my Christmases weren’t white they were very special indeed to me, and I wouldn’t change a thing about them at all. Sand castles and barbecues are what makes Christmas special here in Australia, as well as the afternoon naps, trying to keep cool and curling up with a good book that Santa left you in your stocking.

Christmas to me is special because you get to spend it with people you love and it is the time of year that brings us all together to celebrate Jesus’s birth. It’s not about buying flash presents or spending money you don’t have, it’s more deeper than that, which sometimes gets lost in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas is meant to be enjoyed and nothing says that better than on Christmas morning with children seeing the tree with presents under it. The joy and excitement in their faces always makes me smile, the innocence of their reactions is truly the Christmas spirit pure and all so simple.

So as I write this on Christmas eve I hope all of you out there have a merry christmas and all the best for the new year. I will be thinking of you as I enjoy my Aussie Christmas and remember the Christmases of past and future. As well as listening to Wham’s Last Christmas on replay and think about family and friends near and far.

Kitty-Kat xox

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