Creative journal writing

I found this amazing book by Stephanie Dowrick a few months ago at a secondhand bookstore, and have carried it around with me, ever since in my handbag. It is a book that I dip into here and there, I am reading it but also savouring the experience and Dowrick’s words like precious jewels they are.

Journal writing has been a passion of mine for many years now. I have progressed from the “Dear Diary,” we all appeared to have done as children, and moved onto journaling not only my day and thoughts, but also prompts to explore my inner world within. Which has helped me get to know myself a lot better inside and out. It also has made actually happier person, and done wonders for my mental health. I am able to let go of things more and once written down I let them stay on the page and not in my head anyone.

My journal is more than just words it is also pictures, mood boards and anything else I want to put within it’s pages. It is a place where my creativity lives and grows from one strength to another. It is me but in paper form, all my heart and soul goes into it’s birth until I close the journal on the very last page. It is also a safe place for me to land when I need one.

Dowrick’s book is maybe one of the first books where I have actually have made notes on the pages itself. Yes very no no, but I have written it in pencil. I find creative journal to be more in depth than simply talking about my daily life, it is what Dowrick says a companion that never judges and always supports you. That is what I want in my journal and reading this book I find myself more comfortable than ever to journal in my own way. She does have exercises that you can do at your own pace or not do at all if they don’t take your fancy. There is also extracts from other people’s journals which I always find rather fascinating to read and also learn from as well.

Stephanie Dowrick has written a really good book, that I would highly recommend to anybody who loves to journal, or is thinking about taking the hobby up. It even helps you with choosing a journal to start with, and which pens or pencils to use when writing. Certainly a book to have alongside your journal, and to carry with you wherever you go.

Ciao for now and happy journaling everyone !

Kitty-Kat xox

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