Second day of 2019

Today is second day of the new year and here I am again journaling on my blog, I feel like I have really become more comfortable on this platform as well. My New year sees me on Summer holidays still and let me tell you it is absolutely glorious, the days have blended into one and I can simply potter about, no real cares at all.

Today I am spending the day out with a good friend and my Mum, and getting my new desk too. I am excited to see my friend again because it has been awhile since we saw each other. Let me explain, we work together and seeing each other everyday, now on holidays we haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks. So it will be magic to spend time together.

Now this picture that I got from the free library on WordPress pretty much sums up me, have a glitter day. Well everyday with me has a lot of glitter and sparkle within it. So that is why I picked the photo.

Last night I watched a lot of YouTube videos and relaxed completely, I don’t need a lot to be happy, I am finding that out more and more lately. I feel a lot happier than I have been in days and haven’t used my paper journal in days, but have a lot of ideas what to put and write in it now. For awhile at the end of 2018 I didn’t quite know what to do or feel, let alone write it down in my journal, so instead I turned too my blog and poured my heart out here. My goodness it has helped me so very much indeed and now I find myself over that little bump in the road and ready for new challenges to come and tap me on the shoulder.

I guess everyone is different the way they cope with their mental illness, I go within and simply need my music and journaling to help me deal with overwhelming emotions. I doesn’t mean I get myself up any less, it just means while I am down in my black hole, I have a little company. I know some triggers, but alas it still creeps up on me when I am not expecting it.

I don’t think there is any magic pill or one size fits all type of solution to mental illness and health, we know a lot more, but still there is a stigma attached to it that needs to be taken away.

I feel too my creativity may suffer if I wasn’t the way I am, maybe it is my makeup to be this way. Although believe me I hate feeling the way I do when depression episode hits. It’s a very double edged sword, I feel mental illness and creative output.

Sorry for getting a little heavy there, but sometimes my blog posts have a mind of their own. I simply let my fingers do the typing and away I go.

It is a rather gloomy and cloudy day here in Perth, not very Summery at all really. Oh well you get days like these in life don’t you ? Although the weather outside doesn’t really match my mood at all.

It’s kinda funny I never knew that I would really get the hang of blogging, but here I am again typing away about my life and other things. I feel comfortable and feel my words are not blocked anymore, I can just be me Kylie.

Time is a real funny thing, it lets you forget pain, but never the loss completely. It let’s you grow and become more comfortable with yourself and within yourself. Time also let’s you simply breathe, let’s you live in the moment and nothing more or less than you can cope with at any given moment in time. For that I am truly grateful for time in any form. So I only hope to you all out there in the blogosphere have time on your side too ?

I guess I needed to get a few things off my chest and into black and white, now I am going to let go of the negatively, and leave them upon this page and turn over a new one, ready for new challenges and adventures.


Kitty-Kat xox

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