Summer days notes

It is shaping up to be an amazing Summer for me, life is pottering along in it’s easy, lazy way and I am loving it. My break from school has helped me recharge and just do things for me, which has been wonderful change and helped me truly relax.

I may not have any Kindy moments to write about, but hey there is always time for that in February. There is time for my blogging and time for my journaling, just enjoying writing and honing my skills in both. Of course there is also books, so many books I have read since my break started, and so many more to read still.

My other happy pursuit is coffee shops and having my lovely Chai latte, which at this very moment I am enjoying 😁 Even better is writing while I enjoy drinking it ! Believe me during term time at school a hot drink is a great luxury, with Kindys all about.

Now I am resting while catching up on a little magazines reading, I love house and designs ones, along with journaling and art ones and my faves would have to be; In the moment, The Simple Things, Daphne’s diary, Flow, Breathe and Calm. I love reading about real issues and people as well as mindfulness and self-care tips. Not saying that I don’t ever read Vogue or Marie Claire, because I usually do, at my favourite coffee shop Dome. I guess those magazines like Breathe and Calm help me to de-stress more easily as well, and give me ideas for my own creative pursuits.

Summer days simply are heaven, with so much sunlight and being outdoors more. Sometimes I feel like I am so very lucky to be living in Perth, Western Australia, with awesome weather like we have been having lately. It also leads me into, many days of staring up at blue skies with the odd fluffy white cloud floating by me. Daydreams are too so much better in the warm sunny days too.

So here I leave my brief blog notes and get back to just living my life with simple things and watching the sunset in a few hours time.


Kitty-Kat xox

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