Make the impossible fact

I just read this blog post about #anythingispossible and thought that is something I want to comment on in my blog, because to me the impossible is always possible to me.

It was nearly a year ago that I started my http://kitty-Kat Chronicles blog with WordPress, after not finding my old blog fulfilling enough to me. I wanted to expand, the only way to me was too find a bigger blog posting engine, so I googled and up popped WordPress. I researched and found out they had an app so I could post my blog on the go, I wasn’t trapped to a desk computer.

I started off on the app with the free plan and then within weeks of starting my new blog, I went for the plunge and signed up for the Premium package, from there I haven’t looked back. I love the community feel and finding like minded people to interact and talk too. It also meant I had achieved a goal to be more involved and step up my game with blogging.

Now I have loyal followers, I can put up blog posts even when I am out and about and can write, edit and publish all in one go. I feel creatively free to focus on my blog posts about my life as an Kindy aide, my journaling and my art, there is no big weight of other issues such as uploading posts, or not being able to log into my blog. WordPress has made it easy for me.

With all the details sorted there was no excuse not to write and produce posts about me and my life. I can talk about anything and everything in my blog, I am not hung up on numbers or what other people think. Yes it is great if they comment or follow me, but I have now realize this space us for me. It is a journal, art space and creative outlet, it is the real me.

Journaling and art have been my saviour when my life has become chaotic, when my Cancer returned and when my mental health deteriorated badly. To be creative means I can handle life more, I can get through a day, sometimes an hour, or second if I am really bad. Through trial and error, I have found a way to live that means I can cope, when before I would fall in a heap.

This blog helps me to be vocal in the Mental health community, where others may not have a voice, or have a choice to speak up. I can show by example that anybody can do it, that by speaking out I give Mental health issues a face, and that I will not be silenced like my depression has already try to do too me. Nobody should ever feel like they do not have a voice or to speak their mind.

I guess what I mean is that anything is possible if you put your mind too it. I wanted a blog so by goodness I did it and now look at me, there is no stopping me going to the next level, whatever that may be. Determination and bloody mindedness also helped me along my journey, and now I want to give it my all to my writing and see just where it could take me ? Who knows how far this could go?

With my new found confidence I have managed too put myself out there in the Journaling community and making fast friends on my Instagram account. My post their are getting better too, and I credit it to this blog, my happy safe place to fall. I am finding my writing voice and style, as well as realizing sometimes you need to simply dive in and give it a go. What is the worst thing that can happen ? Well fall on your face, then dust yourself off and go again.


Kitty-Kat xox

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