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My journaling have been really coming along lately, it has become part of me and never forced, chiefly by myself. I know if I force it, the well dries up so to speak, so instead I write and create productively and my journal gets more fuller by the moment.

For me most times the writing comes after I have created a layout or bones of my page. You see the words are only half of the process for me. First I potter about the page, maybe stick a picture from a magazine or a personal photo I want to use. Then washi tape, journaling cards and other bits and pieces. My pages are always added layer after layer, I love colour and patterns which usually play a part in my journals. Sometimes I decorate and lay down several spreads at once, I rarely simply work on one thing at a time. I am chaotic in the way my methods, have no rhyme or reason purely Mad Hatter tea party stuff best describes me and my journaling process.

At times I am pretty much focused on a particular spread that I dreamed up somewhere, it’s probably the only time I actually know what I am doing. Not to mention only time my journaling makes sense. I love to see where my journal wants to take me, often my writing is focused on a question or maybe a prompt I have picked up somewhere on social media platforms. Other times my journal is purely keeping me from the bleak edge, it is there for me too work through heavy stuff I need to face, but also in a safe place, where my journal comes in.

I also feel keeping my writing and art together, I get more stuff done and within the pages. I am learning to blend my two talents into one, and very much loving the results so far. I feel as I have perfected both disciplines and want to marry them more as one, because in my head they are one and the same to me, always.

Journaling is quite an art form too me, and although I still have lots to learn it will never ever get boring to me. Especially when I am constantly learning new and amazing things not only about myself, but the world at large too.

I guess too my favourite part of journaling, is the fact it is portable and can be taken anywhere I wish too go. My journal is also something I like to carry with me always, so it is there like a much trusted friend of mine. It can also make me smile when I am not feeling so great, flip a page or two and I am at least cracking half a smile. It is also my place to keep my impressions of the world and it’s wonders, most that surprise me constantly.

I also think too, I am a person who needs to write down a thought here and there, a quote that has caught my eye, and a line in a song or poem I don’t want to forget. I also like pages of colour and designs throughout, it kinda breaks up all the writing and at times heavy stuff. It’s pleasing to my eyes, and I don’t decorate for anyone but myself. Yes I share photos on Social media platforms, but it ain’t no show pony my journal, it is simply me in a paper form, my essence you could say in black, white and techno colour.

I feel that my journaling has evolved somewhat from a child, teenager too adult. A lot of my early diaries were full of pain and joy, but they weren’t creative in a visual sense, only pages full of words and my handwriting. Then as I have grown they have too, and I would never let anybody read or touch them when I was young, and yet now I happily share my journals with people around me. They don’t need to be written in secret anymore and even written in the light of day. Funny how we humans evolve, my younger self would be horrified at what I do now.

I feel my journal is fresh, my creative process my own and I am doing what makes me happy, which is really all I could ask for really.


Kitty-Kat xox

3 thoughts on “Page about my journaling

  1. auntyuta says:

    Thanks, Kitty-Kat, for sharing your thoughts on journaling. I am 84 of German heritage but living in Australia since 1959. I don’t know whether you know any people that old. Journaling has always interested me. Handwriting was never something that came easily to me. So I always preferred using a type-writer. And I very much like it that typing can be done on computer keyboards now! 🙂 But I think it is great that you practice handwriting as well as typing. 🙂
    Best wishes, Aunty Uta

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    • knsander97 says:

      Aunty Uta, yes I do and hon your not old far from it. Yes typer-writers make life easy as do computer keyboards. I love to write in my own hand because it helps stuff sink in or stuff come out. I also kinda love my handwriting too. Yes the children at school where I work writing is hard for them too, but I try to make it fun at the same time which helps. Thank you for telling me a little bit about yourself. It must of been hard coming to Australia after living in Germany, quite a culture shock maybe. Please feel free to talk too me any time Kitty-Kat xox

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