My Fauxbonichi

I started my Fauxbonichi at the beginning of January 2019 and so far have been writing in it everyday. I first saw them on LovesLynnlife YouTube videos and became quite fascinated by them. They seemed to be more than a diary or journal, more a place to write about your daily everyday life. What happened on that particular day ! Lynn uses a cheap diary and then jazzes it up in her own unique way. I watched and researched myself and decided 2019 I would start up my own and let me just tell you I love it 💖

I have mainly written a few moments of my day, music I am currently listening too and even what I have been writing on my Blog. I also decorate it with washi tape and use a date stamp for a retro style too it. I also been doing doodling of my day, say my mug of Chai latte or what I have been watching on YouTube. It really is up to you what you do, it is meant to be an insight to your life to be able to look back on from years now.

Below I have taken pics of my Fauxbonichi pages, I started simple, but getting more in the flow what I want to do. My Fauxbonichi is a diary from Big W which is a store here in Australia, but it is one day too a page which I really enjoy that format. It is a bit of fun on my part and very different from my usual journaling, because this is in sequence, whereas my other journals I do a page here and there not in order. It means I get through a journal better and no first page fears.

So it has been fun trying this style out and also feeling out what I want it to look like. I like adding business cards and other things from my day, it adds something unique to the pages. As I get more comfortable with it all I will probably add more and more little things to the pages. I just wanted to share this with you, out there in the blogosphere, because I haven’t come across Fauxbonichi’s on WordPress but hey they are now. I think too a lot of journaling people would enjoy doing them just as much as their other journals. Maybe check Lynn out on YouTube and also Instagram where you can find videos and pictures of her process and finished Fauxbonichi ‘s. The links will be at the end of my post.

It certainly will be a feature on my blog from now on too, so there will be updates from Kitty-Kat Chronicles to look out for in the future.



Kitty-Kat xox


http://loveslynnlife youtube

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