Last week of holidays

Yes it is that time again, Summer holidays are almost at an end in Perth, well us Teaching staff anyway. It has been wonderful break from school and looking forward to the new school year. Yes it is quite bittersweet moments about time going so fast we have not a moment to lose, although in another way it wouldn’t be fair to be Summer everyday.

We had an absolute sorcher day yesterday 42°c and the day before 40°c so I am feeling rather drained of energy today. Hot weather and I do not mix very well at all, although I did quite a bit of reading, journaling and listening to music so wasn’t a complete waste. The skies were however glorious so it was sad they were wasted on us stuck indoors away from the sun and heat.

I am not planning much this week, I however have to go to the Physiotherapist to treat my damaged tendons in my left ankle. It was that choice or limp around letting nature do it’s work, that would of taken months though. In my thinking not an option at all really when you think about it. Anyway enough of that.

Now I am sitting in an aircon cafe just people watching and enjoying a chai latte, alas this existence will be fleeting, school of course. I also reading and doing a few crafty things to put in my journal, alas it is to chunky too carry around anymore. It is nearly full just a few pages here and there, I will miss it when I finish it, but hey I can always flip through it whenever I want too.

There is also getting my stuff together for work and packing my bag with odds and ends I need at school. Back to school shopping is a favourite of mine, all the new stationery to look at and buy. So many bargains too ! Working as a Kindy aide at a local school means you always have an excuse to buy school supplies.

I leave you as I am soaking up this quiet before the start of the Mad Hatter’s tea party that first week of Kindy entails.


Kitty-Kat xox

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