Washi tape obsession

My name is Kylie and I have a serious washi tape problem. These photos are a new lot of washi tape, that I ordered online last week. And no you can never have enough washi tape, will probably be on my headstone when I die. No matter where I go if I see washi tape, chances are I will buy it. My family and friends think I am a magpie, the way I buy and collect more and more washi tape wherever I go. I seriously have enough to probably run my own store, or maybe just about give or take a few rolls, here and there. I can’t help it, washi tapes come in so many colours,styles and hues, one is never enough.

I use it heavily in my journal spreads and love to use more than one washi at a time. It’s fun as border or used as background for a title, it really helps journal spreads to pop more than without using it at all. I love the fact you can move it around your page or pull off because it is easily taken off the page, without tearing or ripping. I also love to put it around and on my pictures and photos to simply finish off a page, especially if there is mainly writing upon the page.

Funnily enough given away some washi tape that I brought that wasn’t quite me. I have become more chosy in my choices now, than I have in the past. Although I still have way too much washi tape than the ordinary person. I also go for quality now more over price, paying less doesn’t always mean you are getting good tape. Washi tape samples I love to make, and have pretty much stolen most of my Mum’s floss cards she had for her needle work threads. I have two floss container full of my collection of washi tape so I may use it on the go, saves carrying heaps of washi tape rolls all over the place.

Another reason for the floss containers, I now know what I have in my washi tape collections and have really been using it up more. It also looks pleasing to the eye, like a rainbow you could say. I guess it is another reason why I love washi tape, when you display it, no matter how, it always looks like a rainbow of colours.

Washi tape has pretty much taken over the world by storm and is so versatile, it probably the reason why. It certainly always brightens up my journals. I am definitely a washi tape lover no doubt about it, my favourites at the moment are words/expressions as well as bright colours, even pink which hasn’t been a colour I much cared for.


Kitty-Kat xox

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