I feel like my dreams for 2019 are going to be big and that my life is right on track to become what I have always wanted. My dream of writing my own blog has come to past and now I am feeling confident it will grow better and better in 2019.

My journaling and art are coming together seamlessly, almost as if they were meant to be as one. I am sharing more with my Social media platforms so I feel my journals will become even richer than they have been. I am taking changes with them and simply going for it, no matter how mad or out there the idea may be. Taking chances only helps me to grow and become a better writer and artist, both things I want to concentrate more on this year.

I feel I need a more balanced school and home life, by that I mean, to keep something back for me. To put me first for a change and not let myself pick up tiny pieces, leftovers you could call them. I deserve better and I am going to shrive to keep it all in perspective, if that upsets people than quite frankly tough. For my peace of mind I need to change my ways and simply say no, which is sometimes better said than done.

I feel like 2019 will be a big year for me in more ways than one. Work wise I am looking forward to getting back and meeting my new Kindys and seeing my old Kindys in Pre-Primary as well. New challenges excite me and I am looking forward to many of them. I am as well doing professional learning as part of my job, taking part in courses here and there to help me better understand the students I am teaching. This has breathed a new lease of life into my work, whereas I was finding myself getting bored, even though I really enjoy my work, I guess doing the same thing day after day can get quite stale after awhile.

My dreams are many, but I know that with my stubbornness and determination they will be reality. That may seem arrogant to some people, but I haven’t gotten to where I am now without a lot of guts on my part. My will is steel and my mind once set will not be shifted from the prize, which is seeing my dream come full circle. My strength at times is tested sorely, but even with setbacks on the cards that is simply another hurdle to get past.

2019 I want to work on myself more, and deal with some demons that have lately tried to derail my sanity at times. I feel once I put them to rest a little weight will be lifted from my shoulders, I too am tired of walking around with that great burden upon me. I want to be free, and feel I can’t move onto where I want to be if I don’t break these chains around my soul. It will take a lot of self reflection on my part and a lot of journaling, but hey I feel my piece of mind is quite important to me and my well being.

Health wise I am currently on crutches due to an ankle injury, so getting the help I need there is of great importance. It has also mean a little of my independence has gone, because I can not move the way I did but hey it will be overcome. I guess too the pain from my ankle has drained me of energy, in turn I have retreated into myself. Oh I still but on a smile and performance for others, it’s when I am alone that the smile slips a little. I am grateful for my journaling and reading to help me escape the pain, and have been going easy on myself which is easily said than done at times.

Alas I must leave it here now, off to a Physiotherapy appointment.


Kitty-Kat xox

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