I have recently done some damage to my tendon in my left ankle and so now I am on crutches for awhile. It has been a frustrating week of learning to walk aided, saying that it also has been full of laughter too. The times I have dropped things or nearly trip myself up would of made Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton proud. You need to get yourself in a certain rhythm when using crutches, so far that has been my uphill battle if you excuse the pun.

I have affectionately called them Leftie and Rightie, because they have it marked which side to use them on. They love to fall down wherever I happen to put them, or tangle me in knots as I get out of a car. They have become my constant companions, and honestly I would be lost without them.

I went too my first Physiotherapy appointment yesterday and it has helped the pain as well as cause more. But hey I am not writing this complain, it is what it is, a minor setback that has derailed my Summer holidays. My way of thinking life was getting too mundane for me, so bang let’s spice it up. Yeah I know what you are thinking ? Drama Lama !!!

I think, oh well, leaves me time for reading, journaling and listening to music. And making friends with Leftie and Rightie has been a blast. I do think,what a thing to let clumsy me in charge of crutches though.

Anyway that is my life right now.


Kitty-Kat xox

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