Too post or not to post ?

It is quite funny that other bloggers are saying not to blog too much, and yet others say you need to be out there in the blogosphere. It is quite confusing for me and I guess others may feel the same way ?

So what to do ? I do what I always do when people say don’t do that, I just go my own way. I have been publishing a lot blog posts lately, and found myself getting more followers, than I had in the whole time of 2018. It has been fun and letting me get used, to writing my blog more regularly, so now I have never felt so confident and my blog is developing in leaps and bound.

I am also in the thinking if a topic is on my mind, chances are other people many feel the same way, so of course I write a blog post about it. Writing has been a passion of mind since I was young, finding this WordPress app helped me find that passion, after losing it for some time. Now I feel like there are no limits, too what I can do and achieve in my life.

I feel posting can never be too much, it puts a smile on my face when I see all the posts I have crafted on my blog. It also let’s your audience get a real feel for you the blogger and the person behind the blog. I like to read blogs that people have really taken the time to let their audience see the real person behind the computer screen.

So go and post that blog post you have had in draft for some time, you will never regret, and who knows it might be the one that gets you noticed.


Kitty-Kat xox

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