Things my Dad taught me

I saw on my Instagram feed yesterday, somebody posted a journal prompt, about what things her Dad taught her. I found this so fascinating, that I thought I would write a blog post about it. This is what I just adore about journal writing it can so much more, than what you had for breakfast this morning. You can reflect on questions like this one, and go deeply into yourself, which means you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Things my Dad taught me is quite a few actually, he helped me learn to ride my bike and put training wheels on it. My Dad also made sure I knew how to change a bike tyre and chain. Really as a girl growing up I was kinda a tom boy and enjoyed riding and fixing my bike on weekends. He also taught me to laugh and enjoy myself with his corny Dad jokes and way he can make me laugh until I cry.

Dad taught me about Doctor who and Star trek and so instilled in me a life long love affair with both shows. I adore science fiction, because my Dad sat me in front of the telly to watch both these shows.

Dad helped encourage me to read and we went to the local library so I could get more books to read. He put up with me asking him to read me every sign I saw and words I stuck on with while reading my books.

He encouraged me to sing along to the radio, and never tried to dampen, or squash my free spirit nature. That in turn gave me a really good self-worth in me, however as a teenager that doesn’t always happen. He let me in and I adore him for that, it has been hard because he is an Vietnam veteran and so times haven’t always been smooth. He does credit us as a reason why he is still alive today though. Which in itself a true compliment in it’s self, that we give him reason to live.

Dads are so important in their children’s eyes, they bring not only their love, but also help ground them. My Dad has taught me so much over the years, and he has only wanted to see the best life for me. When I was having Chemo, it was so hard for him to see me like that, so sick and vulnerable and I know he just wanted to be there for me.

So I guess one thing my Dad has taught me is to love somebody good and bad times, and to never give up on them no matter what. To me that might be the most important lesson my Dad has ever taught me.


Kitty-Kat xox

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