First day of school year

Today has finally arrived and I am sure there are a lot of anxious children and Parent’s today, being the first day of school year. I know myself that I always get the first day nerves, and find going back into the classroom today, in a chilled mood. Today is about having fun and getting to know everyone, nothing more or less.

The playdough has been made, and the pencils have been sharpen, as well as every other little job has been done. I am looking forward to seeing old students as well as meeting new ones. Above all else is having fun and a laugh with the children, that is what school is all about.

Playing is another important part of the early years of school, so there will be plenty of that both, inside and outside the classroom and playground. I think many people don’t actually realize just how important play really is to children. They learn so many things by simply playing, our children will certainly get many opportunities to do just that, play.

There is the quick coffee with other in the Early years block, where we give each other a little encouragement and boost for the busy day ahead. Once those doors open we basicly hit the ground running, kinda like a freight train you could describe it as. No matter how much you prepare you can never prepare for first day madness.

What a wild ride for sure.


Kitty-Kat xox

P.S: See you all on the flip-side

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