Mess around with Selfies

I love to mess around with filters and funny faces on my phone, I always reckon they make the most candid photos of all. You aren’t posing for anybody, and not some family photo either. They are simply selfies too make you laugh and smile, especially when you feel you really need a pick me up.

Selfies I know are suppose to be something more, and also totally obsessed with your looks. Me, well I think we should probably turn that on it’s head and make selfies cool, and not take yourself too seriously at all. I think we take too much to heart these days and need to learn to laugh again.

I really not in love with my looks and certainly not my face at all, but I am getting used to it again. I am learning to love myself, which is no mean feat at all. It’s sad that I have more compassion for other people then I actually have for myself. I do guess there are a lot of you out there that feel the same. Nothing is ever easy and you often need to disappear.



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