Another day in Kindy

Well it’s the second week of Kindy/Pre-Primary class at school, the weather is cooler and everybody is getting into a real routine now. There is only a few tears and a lot of laughs happening in class now. It is such a big jump for our Pre-Primary’s five full days, today they were refreshed and ready to go.

We did their handprints and tomorrow I am going to scribe what their hands are for. We also did bubble wrap prints today to be used as background for their five little ducks portfolio piece. So much paint and they adore it, every each and one of them. Painting on an easel is great for their gross and fine motor skills.

They are busy around the classroom, either with playdough or pretend play in our campsite. They are learning to sit on the mat and answer to us call their name. They are have little jobs, including stacking chairs and tidying up play areas. They are learning to line up on the dots, as well as put their hats away in their boxes and lunch boxes in their schoolbags. It really is go, go, go in Kindy/Pre-Primary with a lot of old fashioned playtime and just discovering the world around them.

Yes it has been rather tiring, and I was glad of the weekend just gone, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Kitty-Kat xox

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