Taking notes

I can never go past a good notebook, I have many, and will probably find more that catch my eye before the year is out. At the moment I am writing notes from a couple of books I am currently reading, they are non-fiction and about creativity and writing in general. So not to get the information muddled I am using two different notebooks, because then I am using up my collection, at the same time as keeping my notes clear.

Taking notes help me remember and help the information really and truly get inside my head. Since high school and my TAFE days, I have mastered note taking, and I don’t think there is a day that goes by, that I am not taking notes about something or other. It is the same as collecting quotes and other sayings that mean a lot too me. They make me smile and help me to feel better about myself.

All my notes help me with my writing and even my blog posts. Well I am writing a blog post about note taking aren’t I. It is a skill I learnt that has become invaluable to me as a writer. It helps with research and reading as well, I find I can get more out of the books I read, whether they be fiction ones or non-fiction this way.

It also means I have lovely notebooks full of rich and varying information to look back on. This is another plus I really adore, and maybe means I can get another notebook or two, once these ones are full. Yes I am the glass half full kinda girl. Anyway must get back to my books and note taking, I hope this blog post helps, or is at least entertaining for you.


Kitty-Kat xox

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