We all had those Besties in school who we spent every second of the day with, and then hurried home to talk on the phone for hours. Or until our parents told us to get off the phone. My Mum always said to me that we saw each other at school, what did we have to talk about ? Anyone who has had a best friend would know there is always something to talk about. And never enough time to say everything that is on your mind, or talk about what happened between school and getting home. The closeness of a bestie is an unique quality that sometimes is very rare kind of friendship to find.

If I am honest I haven’t had a bestie for quite some time, and I never knew what I had been missing, until last year when one walked into my life. We knew each other at school for some time, but never worked closely until last year, when we were but into the same classroom. Well after that we became fast friends and caused a lot of havoc. I now feel happier than ever and have a really close bestie to share not only laughs, but tears too. I also feel like I have a guardian angel looking out for me now too.

I have laughed a lot more recently than I have for a long time and I mean really laughed so much that I am crying. I feel also like a caterpillar who changed into a butterfly, finally free to simply be me, nothing else. I am so grateful for the friendship we have and to be somebody else’s bestie as well, it is a good feeling indeed.

This post is dedicated to my bestie, she knows who she is without me naming names.

I hope everybody else in the blogosphere has that kind of love too.


Kitty-Kat xox

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