Movie night

Friday night movie night with my bestie ๐Ÿ’œ I can not wait to go to the movies with my BF. It gets pretty crazy when we go out together, and so going to see Bohemian Rapsody movie may cause the stars to supernova. We both like a sing-a-long, since we usually do that in the car wherever we go. Spotify is brilliant for car karaoke, put the name of song in and away you go. So don’t surprised, if you see a car driving down the freeway with ABBA blasting out of the speakers, and two women singing at the top if their lungs. By all means please join in freely, we welcome people as well as an captive audience literally.

Movie nights seem a thing of the past with Netflixs and Stan steaming services, but nothing beats a movie in an cinema with comfy seats and surround sound. Of course don’t forget the popcorn, no movie is complete without it. Movies have always been part of my life and childhood. I think enjoying it with friends is even a better experience, you can laugh and cry through the movie and then talk about it on the way home in the car.

It has been a big couple of weeks with school going back, and getting used to routine of Kindy back to back, as well as Pre-Primary thrown in. So what better than to top off the week with dinner and movie. It is going to make Friyay all that better, knowing I have it to look forward too. Don’t get me wrong I love my job, and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I need too at times let off steam, and this is my way of doing it that doesn’t involve jail time. We all need a little space to deal with stress in a healthy way, and this is mine, as well as spending time with my bestie. Someone you can just be yourself, no smoke or mirrors, simply you.

I will be sure to update you all in how it went tomorrow night and hope you all have an amazing Friyay ๐Ÿ’œ


Kitty-Kat xox

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