Yes it is Friyay again, it comes and goes so fast these days, that it is becoming as rare as Unicorns. This morning has risen to be a rather dull cloudy day, smells like rain, but is only the humidity peaking at 100% not hot at all though. Last day of the working week and I feel exhausted and defeated before I have even stepped into work. Though you get days like that, solider on is what I do, and laughter helps too.

I have movie night to look forward to later in the day, and it’s probably gonna be the light at the end of the tunnel, that keeps me walking forward today. Sometimes adults need rewards too, we need something to work towards, as well as sometime to look forward too after a long day.

At the moment I am writing this blog post and enjoying the peace before the storm. This is my time to write and just take care of me, my journal calls but alas she will be unheard until later today. These moments writing in my blog keep me satisfied, but I know that I cannot keep her silenced for long.

My mind is however coming up with blog post after blog post, it seems after writing my 200th blog post the dam has broken, and I feel good and writing heaps. My Blog has become a saviour in times of joy and deep despair, it has truly grown from nothing into something quite beautiful. It is where my creativity can run wild, and I can keep my thoughts close by with a flurry of fingers on my keyboard, as the words fly by, and I manage to catch them before they disappear completely.

I feel too that reading Julia Cameron’s book “Walking in the world” as also helped release my inner artist so that there is no stopping her now. She sits and madly types away on an old fashioned typewriter, bugging me all day to write this and that ideas down that flutter into her pretty head. It feels good to have her back, there was a time when I didn’t think I would ever write again. And I say that with my hand over my heart, the muse had left and I was standing vulnerable and all so very alone in the world. Thankfully that time passed and I am whole again, writing like never before.

Friyay was a hard day and full of surprises and laughter, as well and always my inner artist taking notes for prose and stories I will continue to write day after day.

I hope your Friyay brought you some joy too đŸ˜˜


Kitty-Kat xox

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