These images set my imagination off about the word silence, and how it can mean many things in different ways to people. Silence, where a spider web catches the morning light, and brings with it a kind of quietness, reflection of a new day dawning. The web itself catches my eye in the photograph, and so I picked it for this post. The beauty in the silence we all need to process life and the noise around us.

The dirt and muddy trail that disappears into the wooded forest, and you just want to wander down it and away from people in general. Imagine the silence, amongst the giants, trees that have been living for centuries. The silence surrounds you here, wraps you up like a comfy blanket and let’s you find a measure of peace in the craziness of the rest of the world.

The fading light of a dying day, it burnt so brightly, but in the end got too close to the sun and burnt in a blaze of fire. The interplay between reds and purples as the sky puts on a light show. The silence of dusk, brings a peaceful resolution of the day. My soul feels a certain peace and quiet it has been surely lacking all day. The silhouette of trees black against the colourful sky, soothes my eyes and the sound of birds soothes my ears after all the chatter of my day.

Just a park bench on a Autumn day, where would the silence be there, I hear you ask ? I can imagine seeing myself sitting on it, and letting all the noises of a windy Autumn day, wash over me. Wind in the trees above rustling like worn pages in a old book. The hurry of clouds gathering together in the gloomy day, fighting to see who will burst first, and rain down upon me. Silence in the quiet of being alone, away from the constant chatter of a noisy world. The bench is a place to take refuge and gather my thoughts, even write a page or two in my old and battered journal safely kept in my bag.

These images all bring me silence and peace, all together and one by one they piece together a greater canvas of what silence can be. It is different for others, they might see silence differently to me and hey that is okay too. Just as long as you are able to put a little bit of silence in your life no matter how small or large that might be.


Kitty-Kat xox

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