Night sky

When you look up, especially at night you are never disappointed with all the stars you see in the sky. With darkness comes, a silence that is almost deafening in it’s total devoid of sound. The night sky, is magical in beauty and in colour, more than just black, it is an mosaic of blues and purples harder to pin down.

When the moon is about, her luminous mother of pearl skin lights up the whole world. I feel her hypnotic pull right down to my very bones. The night sky is forever dark without her shining her light out there.

The night sky even as a kid fascinated and scared me all in one moment. I would spend hours looking up at the heavens, picking out the Southern cross and any other constellations I recognized. It is a perfect time to read and certainly write, I always find myself getting my best ideas after dark. Normally a quiet time while others dream away, the night wrapping you up in a cozy coat, free from the weather.

A safe place to write what you can’t bare too when the golden sun is shining down on you. Nighttime is when all the nightmares and dreams are abound, when reality is blurred and nothing is quite what it seems. You can say anything with your face hidden in the dark, you can uncover secrets with the moon as your partner in crime.

Try and count the stars ? I tried that once when I was small, I never could count them all, there were way too many for me too. The night sky always seems like a great big magic quilt to me, with glitter poked through to make the stars and moon. If truth be known I fell asleep before I could count them all.

Sometimes I like to throw my head back and look above me, just simply stare up at the night sky, and just wonder. The universe is so much bigger than little old me, that kind of brings it into focus, how we really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I like that somewhere I read that we are all made of stardust, and that is why we long for the stars, we long to go back from which we came from stardust.

I think this blog post might of gotten away from me a little bit.


Kitty-Kat xox

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