Summertime in our garden

Yesterday was a beautiful summer’s day, rather cool and a few clouds about, but our garden was looking as pretty as a picture. So I went out and took a few photos, which if you know me turned into, 50 without me realizing 😂

The front garden is looking rather lush and green, because my Dad has been busy putting on blood and bone, as well as watering them every second day by hand. We learnt the lesson from last summer when we lost a lot of plants from the hot weather.

The gaps are starting to shrink between plants now, and the mulch keeps everything bedded down nicely. The daisies need a good dead hunting, but that will be done when it gets a little cooler. There are a few holes here and there, where the wild rabbits get into our garden at night. Mostly they eat a leaf or two and then realize it’s not rabbit food.

Bees, ladybirds and butterflies move around the garden and often stay for awhile amongst the flowers. They go about their business while we potter about, doing this and that. I must admit sometimes I do talk too the plants and offer encouragement. Maybe seem a little silly, but I know it always makes me smile and feel happier.

Sometimes when I have come home late at night I see them hopping about the front garden. They aren’t fluffy and white, rather they are brown colour and have fluffy white little tails, that I usually see as they hop away at great speed. The other creatures that pop in are banicoots that are entertaining as they dart about the front and side gardens.

Summertime means we have little lizards about as well as the bigger bobtail lizards that sun themselves on the grass by our garden. The Jacaranda tree is home to a duo of Willy wagtails that nest in it during Spring, but in the summer they dive bomb the mapgies and crows that enter our garden. They yell abuse at the other birds and get rather noisy, if they see the neighbour’s cat out and about. I find Willy wagtails quite funny little birds, that I watch for hours.

My succulents are growing mad, the string of pearls has taken off and I have been wrapping it on the metal frame of the planter it is in. It looks to me like a double strand of pearls, only green. The chain of hearts my friend gave me is wrapping itself rather artfully around the planter stand it is in. On our old wood fire stove sits other succulents that I have been collecting, a lot were gifts by friends. I am not quite sure why I love succulents, only that they have overtaken my love of any other plant.

My Gnomes are slowly popping up all over our potted plants under the patio. The only rule I have is that there is always an even number of Gnomes, because I don’t want any of them to feel left out. The plants are growing so that many of my Gnomes are hidden amongst them, which gives the garden a little whimsy feel to it.

The big gum trees sway in the sea breeze, sounding like russing paper to my ears. Birds sing from them and I think what a lovely spot to spend some time in. There is nothing better than our little garden at dusk or dawn, it appears quite luminous in the fading light, quite magically indeed.

So that is our little front garden in Perth, Western Australia in the Summertime, stay tuned for our next season photo tour.


Kitty-Kat xox

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