I am writing too much

Short answer is no ! I am writing at my own pace and speed, only my mind is in several different places at once. So my way of dealing is to make it into blog posts to share with you all out there in the blogosphere. I love all the likes and comments, as well as people following me too. I may not have lots of followers, but that isn’t who I write for, I write for me and my own enjoyment.

Writing is never a drag with me, it simply flows out of my head and onto the page. Although at times I have lost my writing voice completely, especially when I was diagnosed with cancer. It was probably the shock, it totally broke me and took some time for me to crawl my way back.

Now I am enjoying blogging and writing more than anything else. I look about my world to see what would make a good blog post. My job as an Education assistant, mostly comes up in my blog, because it is always interesting working with children.

There is never a dull moment in my life and I love to share little stories and tib bits that my Kindys and now Pre-Primary’s say to me. It makes for a laugh or two at how children really see the world around them, in such a different way to us adults, and that isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, us adults could learn a lot from the child’s point of view.

Writing has always been a way to express my inner demons, but also my fears and happiness in my life. I also feel somewhat purged when I write things down, as if out of my head they can do no harm to me any more. It has helped me through pretty difficult times this process of purging, sometimes if you keep it inside, the poison will eat you up.

You simply need to let go of the hate, and after the battles I have had with cancer, I just want to live my life and not waste time on negativity. My writing and journaling is all part of that big time, I also feel I have earned the right to be me and not hold back anymore. Life really is too short to be petty and wasteful.

I feel writing helps me reach out to others in the same situation as me, able to bring them comfort and voice of experience, so they need not go it alone. Strength has helped me come this far, and yet there are days when I feel that I cannot go on. So out comes my journal or blog page and away I go, sometimes I need distractions, sometimes I need to simply write until all the words stop dancing in my head. At times when I cannot sleep, I think about things that I could write about, that helps me to get some sleep.

Writing this blog too, has always been a goal on my ever increasing list of things to do. So I am more than over the moon, to be carrying out a dream come true. So maybe there are people out in the blogosphere who maybe think I post too much ? Too them I say that is your opinion, but writing a post here and there has never been the object of this blog. I have always maintained my blog to be a part journal/ part insight to my life, meaning I am going to post a lot of content.

Writing is safe and easy to hide behind when you find it hard to express your feelings face to face. I may act all confident and have a sarcastic tone, but believe me I can be vulnerable too. I guess that I speak my mind at times, which makes me complex and at odds with myself at times. So to write is for me to be free.

Ever since I was little I loved to write stories and kept a diary, which now I call a journal which is so different to what I used to do. Once it was all words nothing else, but now it is words, colours and other things like word stickers and washi tape. My journals have grown and with it a creative haven has been born.

A lot of people ask why should we still teach handwriting, since we really don’t need it anymore with the invention of smartphones and tablets. To me, writing by hand helps you learn fine motor skills and control. As well as writing by hand helps you remember and recall the things you learn. If you get rid of handwriting, people would find it even harder to learn or even read, because they are lacking skills to write. Okay I will get off my high horse now.

Writing is as important to me as it is to breathe, I don’t think I will ever stop writing full stop.


Kitty-Kat xox

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