Dr Seuss

I was reading online that the 2nd of March was Dr Seuss birthday, and although a day late, still want to pay homage to an author who was a big part of my childhood. His books of rhyme and colourful illustrations fueled my often wild imagination. And today as a Kindy Aide I read them to the children I teach, so another generation gets to enjoy his books too.

Dr Seuss books were often a little off centre, but humour and rhyme were always present in all his works. I love now you can buy a book of Dr Seuss quotes, and if you look up any social media platform Dr Seuss quotes are everywhere. He really said some pretty awesome things in his books, like being different or weird was really okay. Things today’s world and children need to hear more than ever with online bullying and trolls.

I will always remember my favourite “Are you my Mother” which I remember my Mum reading to me as a kid. Now as an adult and an educator, I realize just how important his books are. They teach us rhyme, resilience, tolerance, that reading is fun and being uniquely you is what you are here for. These are important lessons and words children need to hear more and more in a society where looks seem to be more important than anything else.

It never fails to bring a smile on my face when I see one of his books on a library or bookshop shelf. My memories of reading and books are very treasured and important to me. Reading opened my eyes and my world, I discovered places and characters who became friends to me. Books became my ticket to escape and living other more at times exciting lives than I did. Words too, I loved with a passion and still do. So thank you Dr Seuss for giving that all to me, and wishing you a happy birthday, even though you are no longer living among us now, your stories continue to live on in all of us still.

I know there would be people out in the blogosphere who love and cherish Dr Seuss books, maybe you could share with me, a quote or book title that you loved as a child ? Or even as a parent now ?


Kitty-Kat xox

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