Farmer’s market finds

I have just came back from South Freo farmer’s market, in the high school grounds, and absolutely loved it and the whole atmosphere of the event. I went along with my Parents and found it a quaint little market with fresh fruit, bread and food as well as other craft shops.

I found a little shop called @brawpaperco_home run by an artist called Tasmin, who was really lovely having a chat with Mum and I, she also loved the idea of me sharing her work on social media. I always feel that us, artists need to help one another out and get the word out.

It was a beautiful setting amongst the gum trees and garden of the high school, there was also heaps of dogs around enjoying the sunny weather. I loved the fact if you got a coffee you used mugs that once you finished with them, there was a place to wash and dry them for the next person. What a great way to save the environment, I had never come across that idea before.

I loved the variety of food as well from Persian to Vietnamese and everything in between. Little food vans and tents were dotted all over the market grounds. I can now fully understand there appeal with people, so many things to see and do. I know it might be a long weekend, but a lot of people came along anyway.

I enjoyed the Farmer’s market and hope to go again real soon. If you are in the Fremantle area be sure to call by it is open every Sunday 8am-12. I love going to Farmer’s markets and Carpark swapmeets, you never quite know what you might find ? Or even unearth a hidden treasure along the way.

Here is to another pleasant Sunday morning checking out the markets around Fremantle. Hope you are all having a great weekend and Sunday.


Kitty-Kat xox

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