Long weekend vibes

It’s March again so that means long weekend time and not a moment too soon. After a hectic week at school, I think we all need and deserve it. Saturday was a lovely cool day and much needed after a week with temperatures in the high 30°c and very high humidity.

My folks and I went to lunch where they had bacon and eggs, and I had fish and chips. The fish piece was huge and so yummy. We went and looked at the shops and then went to the local op shop I donate too. Where I found these adorable bird statues, five in total, I think simply had to have them. Mum helped me buy two of them and I brought the other three. Now they have pride and place on my desk.

I ended up watching Bohemian Rhapsody movie again for the third time, this time on DVD my brother brought me. Of course I cried again and fell in love with Freddie Mercury and all the others of Queen. Yes I am aware that they kinda of Hollywood treatment of Freddie’s life, but hey more fans are finding the music now which is never a bad thing in my book.

I have also been reading Julia Cameron’s book Walking in the world which has been really interesting read, and certainly helps me to look after my Inner Artist a lot more than I possibly did before. I have been doing a few exercises from the book as well. It really has been an education for me.

Now it is Sunday and I am writing again in my blog all the things I have been doing or noticing in my travels here and there. I also have been updating my social media accounts and wishing my baby bro’s birthday today as well. Now it is simply a slow Sunday afternoon which pretty much nothing going on. I love those kind of days, nothing is a great way to spend a little time.

I leave now only briefly to read my book for awhile, adieu. Well read my book a little then promptly fell asleep, oh well it’s Sunday night and I am watching YouTube and writing up some blog posts, well drafts anyway. This weekend appears to be going really quite fast, so glad Monday is a public holiday and no school tomorrow.

I am hoping even though it will be hot to catch up on some journaling and my Fauxbonichi that I have been neglecting lately. And of course there are books to read and magazines to flip through, what a Monday it is going to be. So that is my long weekend vibes for March. Now only if the weather would act more Autumn like I would be so happy.

Here is hoping your weekend is going good ? Whether it will be long or short.


Kitty-Kat xox

3 thoughts on “Long weekend vibes

  1. postcardfromlifelately says:

    Guess what? I watched Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday, as just as you movie again I cried and fell in love with Freddie Mercury and all the others of Queen! Family and love! Perfect match for a weekend, a rainy weekend for me! So jealous of your 30 degrees. 😔😉

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