Journal my blog posts

I recently celebrated my 200th blog post, as well as anniversary of a year since setting up this blog. So with those two milestones on my mind, I have been thinking about writing some of these blog posts into my journals, and revisit them, and even add to them the luxury of hindsight you could say in a way.

My Blog has slowly become very important to me, not only as a Blogger, but as a writer sharpening my skills. I feel more liberated as a person, and feel happier and more comfortable in my own skin. There isn’t a constant struggle, which has been the state of my life these past couple of years. So collecting my blog posts, and putting in my journal feels like a way to keep my buoyant mood going.

Then comes the questions, what do I put in ? And what do I leave out ? There is so many posts I think I might need to sit down and read them all over again. That in itself may actually be a good thing, I can see how I have grown into my Blog, but also how my writing voice has changed throughout my blog posts. I started a little unsure, but now have the steadying influence and maturity to write and continue to grow.

Funny enough “I want to break free” by Queen has just come on the radio, I guess Mr Mercury is sending me a message, just got for it and damn the consequences. A definite sign if ever I saw one, so that is it, I am going to write my blog posts into my journals and see what happens. It will also be a chance to really spend some time reflecting upon the topics I have opened up, and feelings that come with it. There are some things I actually want to address, but not in a public forum as this, so writing them in my journal would be helpful indeed.

I will be sure to photograph some, and share with you my continuing and developing writing voice and insights I come across. Be sure to share with me any insights you have had in your blogging, or if you have gone back and revisited posts.


Kitty-Kat xox

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