No waffles

Yesterday my bestie and I planned to go and have waffles today after school. Well we went to local shopping centre and found out that there was no waffle place, and it make matters worse no other place had waffle at all. All day we had been dreaming about these waffles, only to have to settle for a spearmint milkshake and an apple strudel for me and a strawberry milkshake and Chocolate elair for my bestie. Both were good, but not waffles, so kinda felt second best, but hey we took it for the team and ate our cakes anyway.

We talked and talked until we decided to shop, and basically talked more. So take two will be happening Thursday, there will be waffles, or else there will be blood shed. I will be sure to pop it on my blog too. It is just a little sad when you crave something, and the universe conspires to stop it happening. Anyway enjoy my waffle photos from free photo library, until Thursday I say adieu.

Kitty-Kat xox

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