The birds fly so high in the sky that nothing can ever seem to reach them. Too get to close would burn your soul and send you to the ground with a bump. We aren’t meant to fly with our mortal bodies, they weigh down our soul too much. Oh but I wish I could fly, my soul longs to be amongst the clouds and away from all these trials on earth.

Don’t you just love the leaves on the trees when the moonlight hits them. They stand so tall, even when the strongest wind tries too bring them down. They remain grounded, with roots deep within the earth. I wish to be a tree, and see the world from new eyes.

Oh I long for the foggy winters days in England, where I could roam amongst the South Downs, high up above the clouds. The smell of moisture in the air, and the fog encasing me like a hug. Finding a deserted path to walk and breathe in the pure silence all around me. And for a moment believe that I am truly alone in the beauty that surrounds me entirely. I can’t believe all the shades of green I can see all about me, the world appears truly alive in my eyes.

Rugged up in layers of clothing, I don’t really mind the chill in the air. I breathe in the life all around me and feel so grateful for all these experiences I am having. I feel like I have come home, on this chilly and foggy winters morn.

Face upon the tree, does it scream in pain or because it loves life so ?

Alone in the formal garden feeling out of place, where has all it’s friends gone ? Fell to the woodsman axe many years ago. Last of it’s kind, life left to ponder upon a little patch of earth bare and isolated.

Do the children still come and climb it’s limbs ? Or does it’s face drive them faraway to some alien metal playground.

Autumn has come and I stand alone, in a field of burnt braken with the sky towering over me from above. I feel child like in so that I long to spin about with wild abandon, no cares in the world. Only this moment exists and all else disappears in the ether of time. The colours become muted from Summer’s rainbow to shades of bronze, copper and burnt sienna. Sound becomes muffled as the trees lose their summer dresses. I feel the chill in the air.

The cool summer breeze carelessly playing with the pages of my book. Sky and ocean appear to mirror one another. The sand radiates warmth from the sun’s rays, I sit curled up in a deck chair lost in my own thoughts, emersed in my book. Still I smell the tang of summer in the air, and wonder how long will it all last.

The sand looks as if an entire class of children have churled it up, not white more a toasted warm colour. The sound of waves crashing back and forth, the solitude of being the only one at the beach. Paradise all to you, once found never forgotten again.

The trees ever so high above my head. The sunlight has a hard time breaking through to the floor below, so dense are the trees the floor of the forest, so very dark indeed. Shafts of light illuminates the trees much like a lamplight,colours of many greens from light to dark appear before my eyes. A time to be grateful and truly alone. The best time to talk and mediate life’s little mysteries.

Dampness of a wooden bench left out in the weather for many months indeed. Winter’s cold embrace with me everywhere, I can not escape it no matter where I go in this world. Close by the water’s edge a peacefulness descends, a quiet like no other I have ever felt. Just watching the whole world pass on by and the clouds greet me as they go on by. I sometimes want to hide away from life often cruel and overwhelming most times.

The sun sets on a day long gone, it’s last dying rays warm my upturned feet. Lying here on the beach I feel content, and wish the moment would never end. For now I enjoy, for later I will put it away into the treasure chest of my memories. The ocean twinkles in the fading light like a jewel. Total bliss here and nowhere else.


Kitty-Kat xox

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